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The Wildlands Education Program has not been offered since the 2006-2007 school year. It was discontinued as the pond which was the focal point of the curriculum, went dry. Environmental conditions on the site are monitored on an ongoing basis by Suncor and reviewed by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Development to ensure the Wildlands continue to pose no threat to human, animal or vegetation health.

The Inglewood Wildlands Development Society, Suncor and the City of Calgary are working to determine a new source of water for the pond. The groundwater recovery project was discontinued because the hydrocarbon contamination that prompted the installation of the groundwater wells was no longer required, thus curtailing the water source for the pond.

A wealth of resources produced for the program are still available to the public and educators on this website. There are aerial photos, which give a historical overview of the site, environmental data and superb guidebooks which describe environmental chemistry activites using the reclaimed oil refinery as a case study. The elementary and secondary guides are closely tied to the Alberta Education Science and Social Studies Curricula as shown in the curriculum connections below.

The 2006-2007 Annual Report for the program provides an excellent overview.


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Curriculum Connections:

  • All grades: Environmental Stewardship
  • Grade 3 Social Studies: Global Citizenship
  • Grade 3 Science: Animal Life Cycles, Rocks and Minerals
  • Grade 4 Science: Waste and Our World, Plant Growth and Changes
  • Grade 4 Social Studies: Alberta: A Sense of the Land, Alberta Celebrations and Challenges, The Stories, History and People of Alberta
  • Grade 5 Social Studies: Canada its Geography and People
  • Grade 5 Science: Wetland Ecosystems
  • Grade 6 Science: Trees and Forests
  • Grade 6 Social Studies: Local Government
  • Grade 7 Science: Interactions and Ecosystems, Plants for Food and Fibre
  • Grade 8 Science: Fresh and Saltwater Systems
  • Grade 9 Science: Biodiversity and Environmental Chemistry
  • Science 14: Matter & Energy in the Environment
  • Science 20: Changes in Living Systems
  • Bio 20: Energy & Matter Exchange in Ecosystems, Ecosystems and Population Change

The Inglewood Wildlands Education Program is supported by: Petro-Canada


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Art work used on this site was created by students in the Education Program - thank you!
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