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Calgary teachers from grades 3 to 11 have the opportunity to use this unique wildland site for a one to four day experience as a catalyst for learning and to augment ongoing studies (see curriculum connections below) at their own school following the philosophy of the Campus Calgary/Open Minds programs. The “full experience” involves a teacher inservice at the Inglewood Wildlands, a meeting with the teacher to plan a unique class visit to the Wildlands, an in-class visit by an Inglewood Wildlands educator, and a one to four day visit to the Wildlands by your class. An educator from the Wildlands education program facilitates some of the experiences onsite and supports the teacher during activities chosen and planned for by the classroom teacher. The Inglewood Community Centre is available, to use for lunch breaks, for bathroom access, and as a place to do some indoor activities in the case of inclement weather.

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The only cost to the school is the busing cost – transporting children to and from the site. Subsidy for busing costs can be requested (courtesy of Rotary Club) for designated high needs schools.

Why come? This site is a special place created by a community in response to a technological problem. It is an environment where students can contemplate human impact on the landscape, appreciate the results of a community vision, understand oil recovery techniques, landscape transformation and reclamation processes, explore nature and natural processes, and embrace a sense of stewardship for the environment.

The program will not be offered during the 2007/2008 school year.
Please check this web site in Spring 2008 for current program information.
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Curriculum Connections:

  • All grades: Environmental Stewardship
  • Grade 3 Social Studies: Global Citizenship
  • Grade 3 Science: Animal Life Cycles, Rocks and Minerals
  • Grade 4 Science: Waste and Our World, Plant Growth and Changes
  • Grade 4 Social Studies: Alberta: A Sense of the Land, Alberta Celebrations and Challenges, The Stories, History and People of Alberta
  • Grade 5 Social Studies: Canada its Geography and People
  • Grade 5 Science: Wetland Ecosystems
  • Grade 6 Science: Trees and Forests
  • Grade 6 Social Studies: Local Government
  • Grade 7 Science: Interactions and Ecosystems, Plants for Food and Fibre
  • Grade 8 Science: Fresh and Saltwater Systems
  • Grade 9 Science: Biodiversity and Environmental Chemistry
  • Science 14: Matter & Energy in the Environment
  • Science 20: Changes in Living Systems
  • Bio 20: Energy & Matter Exchange in Ecosystems, Ecosystems and Population Change

The Inglewood Wildlands Education Program is supported by: Petro-Canada

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